8 muqologou=san.

9 [See Homily V. 11-15, and comp. Recognitions, x. 20.-R.]

10 Wieseler proposes qeiouj instead of qeouj; and he punishes his uncles also , as in vi. 2, 21.

11 This is properly regarded as a mistake for Dione, or Didone, which is another form of the name Dione.

12 Lit. "of those who are superior or better."

13 [Compare the argument against the philosophers, as put in the mouth of the Apostle, in Recognitions, x. 48-50.-R.]

14 The Vatican ms. inserts here, "upturning of houses, magic practices, deceptions, perplexities."

15 [See Homily VI. 1-10. Homily V. contains an account of Clement's previous acquaintance with Appion.-R.]

1 [The historical setting of Homily V.d is peculiar to this narrative; most of the views appear in a different connection in the Recognitions (mainly book x.).-R.]

2 [See Homily IV. 6, footnote..-R.]

3 [The introduction of the letters is an ingenious literary device. Much of the mythological matter is given in Recognitions, x.-R.]

4 We have adopted the punctuation of Wieseler.

5 [Comp. Recognitions, x. 20-23, for a parallel to chaps. 12-15.-R.]

6 I have no doubt that this is the general meaning; but th text is hopelessly corrupt.