Hymn of Yeshua

Jesus Sang:

Glory to Thee, Father! (and they moving around in a circle anwered him) Amen! Glory to Thee, Charis! Glory to Thee,Spirit! Glory to Thee,Holy One! Glory to Thy Glory! Amen! We praise Thee, O Father; We give thanks to Thee, O Light; In Whom Darkness dwells not! Amen! For what we would give thanks, I say: I would be saved; and I would save. Amen! I would be loosed; and I would loose. Amen! I would be broken; and I would break. Amen! I would be born; and I wish to give birth. Amen! I would eat; and I would be eaten. Amen! I would hear; and I would be heard. Amen! I would understand; and I would be understood. Amen! I would be washed; and I would wash. Amen!

Now Charis is dancing.

I would play on the pipes; dance all of you, Amen! I would play a song of mourning; lament all of you, Amen! I would flee; and i would stay. Amen! I would be adorned; and i would adorn. Amen! I would be at-oned; and I would at-one. Amen! I have no house; and I would have houses. Amen! I have no temple; and I have temples. Amen! I am a lamp to thee who seest me. Amen! I am a mirror to thee who understandest me. Amen! I am a door to thee who knockest at me. Amen! I am a way for thee a wayfarer. Amen! Now answer to my dancing! See thyself in me who speak; And seeing what I do, keep silence on my mysteries.

Understand by dancing, What I do; For thine is the passion of man That I am to suffer. Thou couldst not all be aware of that thou does suffer. If i were not sent as the Logos by the Father. Seeing what I suffer; thou sawest me suffering; And seeing, thou didst not stand still, But wast moved greatly, thou wast moved to be wise. Thou hast me for a couch; rest thou upon me.

What I am thou shalt know when I depart. what now I am seen to be, I am not.

But what I am thou shalt see whan thou comest- If thou hadst known how to suffer, Thou wouldst have power not to suffer. Know then how to suffer, than thou wilt have power not to suffer. That which thou knowest not, I myself will instruct thee. I am thy God, not the betrayers´. I would be kept in time with holy sould. In me know thou the Logos of Sophia. Say thou to me again: Glory to Thee, Father! Glory to Thee, Logos! Glory to Thee, Holy Spirit! But as for me, if thou wouldst know who I was: In a word I am the Logos who did dance all things, and who was not ashamed at all. It was I who danced. But do thou understand all, and understanding, say: Glory to Thee, Father! Amen! Amen! Amen!

The Nazarenes of  Mount Carmel
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