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This show received a stunning reception when it debuted in 2011. The four-time Emmy winners Matt Stone and Trey Parker wrote this tale about a set of mismatched Mormon missionaries that are sent across the globe to a place nothing like Salt Lake City. With 19 completely original and hilarious songs and even a few lines that replete with expletives, The Book of Mormon is not for those with weak hearts, stomachs or easily offended principles.

The Book of Mormon has had awards piled on top of its hilarious and provocative performance. 2012 saw 13 Tony nominations for this production and in the same year it won 4 Drama Desk Awards and Outer Critics Circle Awards.

What is the Story About?

According to Elder Kevin Price "The Greatest Days of a Mormon Kid's Life is their Mission", that is until his own great mission begins with an unlikely companion and a journey into a world he could never have imagined. Elder Cunningham is his puppy like companion through the wild lands of Uganda and Disneyland is very far away now.

The adventure begins when the Mormon duo try to take the Book of Mormon to a small community suffering disease, starvation and the oppression of a cruel warlord. Despite many false starts that will make you cringe as well as many misunderstandings about themselves and each other, the two begin to explore the true meaning of their friendship and what their religion can means to them so far from their land of birth.

The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel