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A Peek At The Smash Hit Hamilton

Does the smash hit musical Hamilton really need an introduction at this point? This musical drama from Lin-Manuel Miranda telling the 10-dollar story of Alexander Hamilton has taken the world by storm over the past two years. First launched at the Off-Broadway Public Theatre in 2015, Hamilton has moved up to the Richard Rodgers Theatre for an open-ended run that shows no signs of stopping. This insightful, passionate historical story has become a cultural touchstone for the 21st century thanks to its resonant themes of diversity, inclusivity, and resistance against oppression.

Prior to Miranda's musical, Alexander Hamilton's story was more or less overlooked by history classes and most citizens. The dramatic duel with Aaron Burr which cost Hamilton his life was fairly well-known, but the rest of Hamilton's story languished in obscurity. Miranda was inspired to take up Hamilton's cause after he read the highly-rated biography by Ron Chernow on vacation. The first details of his musical began flowing straight out of that reading experience. Miranda felt that a genre-spanning mix of hip-hop, rap, and classical theater music would serve to link Hamilton's hard-driving attitude with modern audiences. The modern show reframes political disagreements as rap battles, using tools like Notorious B.I.G. samples to breathe new life into centuries-old philosophical debates.

Hamilton's performance at the Tony Awards is genuinely record-breaking; it earned 16 nominations and 11 trophies last year. This musical smash's story is far from done. The quest for tickets - both in New York and at the show's new Chicago engagement - regularly spawns block-spanning lines. Fall of 2017 will see the show transplanted to the West End of London. The unique blend of musical standards with unfiltered, street-type hip hop has resonated with audiences all over the world. When contemporary artists took a shot at recording the score in the form of the Hamilton Mixtape, the result was a chart-topping smash hit.

Hamilton: What's It About?

Alexander Hamilton started from practically nothing and created a remarkable legacy. Driven from his youth to advocate for positive change and to be a force for good in the world, this Caribbean immigrant charted a singular course that would raise him to the new country's very highest halls.

Orphaned before the age of 12, Hamilton arrived on the mainland (New Jersey, to be specific) in 1772. Initially engaged in his education, the young man came of age in the height of the revolutionary war, and he played a significant role in that conflict. Hamilton finished the war as one of George Washington's most trusted aides as was a well-known figure among the founding fathers. A major war was just the start of Hamilton's momentous life, though, and the succeeding chapters feature wild experiences including writing a constitution, weathering sex scandals, and, yes, fighting a fatal duel.

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