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The Never Seen Before Tale of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good

I'll get you Dorothy and your little Dog Too" hollars the green skinned Witch of the West... but, a lot happened to lead up to thais point.

"Wicked" , one of the most-recent Broadway shows, takes a look at the happenings in the land of Oz long before houses were falling from the sky and from a whole new angle. There once was a charming young-lady born with emerald skin, a fiery disposition and an unusual talent. She encounters a bubbly blonde swimming in popularity and they develop a rivalry that turns into an unusual friendship. While the world decides to call one "good" and the other "wicked", their friendship sees trouble.

The thrilling tale is sprinkled with marvelous songs like "For Good", "Popular" and "Defying Gravity". The New York Times has called "Wicked" the "defining musical show of the decade". While Time Magazine says, "If every Broadway show had the brains, courage and heart of thes show, it could be a magical world again"

If you are looking for such a magical spot, The Gershwin Theater on New York's 50th street and Broadway is showing "Wicked". From the time the curtains go up till the climatic moment that will take your breath, Wicked, the tale of Oz and her Witches, is transfixing audiences and sending spirits into the clouds.


What can be expected from Wicked?

Audiences can expecta a visually stunning show with a tremendous score by Stephen Schwartz, amazing costumes and Tony award winning sets as well as spectacular feats of anti-gravity and soaring scenes.

Is Wicked Good for a Kids' Show?

Much like the Wizard of Oz, Wicked is the very definition of Family friendly fun and entertainment. Still, many of the scenes and the length of the production can be too long for the small child. Flying monkeys, violence and the death of a character are all important themes that will need to be considered for each individual. Children over 8 years old will find the story captivating easy to follow and unforgettable.

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