Tree of Life

Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel

Tree of Life  

Ten Sephiroth (Spheres)

Tree of Life Pattern.

YESOD The Foundation of purity, purpose, faith and focus.(Consecrated water)

HOD The Quickening of the intellect through Qabbalistic study.(Consecrated oil)

NETZACH The social Solidarity of the Essene Nasarene Family.(Consecrated grain)

TEFERET The Harmonious relationship between the heavens and the earth.(Consecrated incense)

GEBURAH The Disciplines and purgations that heal and purify.(Consecrated wine)

CHESED The Adorations that lift the heart unto Amen.(Consecrated ash)

DAATH The Gnosis that endows and redeems and which becomes operative in sacrifice.(Consecrated salt)

BINAH The Understanding and wisdom of Yesuha.

CHOCKMAH The Compassion of Yesuha.

KETER The Crowning glory and ever reverberating light of the Eternal Ones.

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