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 The Theban Hypocephalus, used by B'nai-Amen Israel, is one of  the more complete forms of ancient Egyptian "head warmers", or resurrection talismans, associated with the Book of Breathings. A similar, but simpler, hypocephalus used by the Ephraimite School and called by them the "Second Facsimile of Abraham" appears in their Pearl of Great Price scriptures. Unlike the Ephraimite model, the SAI Hypocephalus comes with a complete "in house" translation, which follows the image.


#1 Kolob, Signifying The First Beginning To The Bodies Of This Creation, Nearest To The Celestial Or Residence Of The Ahlish (Gods). Also Signifying The Wonder Of Abraham And Sarah The Eldest Of All The Stars, The Greatest Body Of The Heavenly Bodies That Ever Was Discovered By Humanity.  First In Government, The Last Pertaining To The Measurement Of Time.  The Measurement According To Celestial Time, Which Celestial Time Signifies One Day To A Cubit.  One Day In Kolob Is Equal To A Thousand Years According To The Measurement Of This Earth Which Is Called By The Ahmehstrahans (Egyptians) Jah Oh Eh.  Also Called Briatic Kether, Or Creating Crown, In Hebrew; Representing That Sapphire Like Sphere From Whence All Creation Hath Emanated From The Ain Soph Aur, Being That Place Where All Opposition And Polarity Merge Into Eternal Unity And Oneness.

#2 Represents The Hebrew Sapphire Sphere Of Chockmah Or Understanding. Signifying Also The Feminine Aspect Of Deity Which Is Represented On The Mercy Seat Of The Ark Of The Covenant By The Female Cherub Named Sandalphon.  Representing Also Isis And An Espoused Star Of Kolob Which Receiveth Light From It's Revolutions through The Medium Of Hah Kokabeam Or Kli Flos Isis.

#3 Representing The Masculine Aspect Of Deity, Called By The Hebrews Binah, Meaning Wisdom; Being A Sapphire Like Sphere Represented On The Mercy Seat Of The Ark By The Male Cherub Called Methatron.  Being Also Nepthythys And A Star Receiving Kolobian Light through The Mystery Of Kli Flos Isis Which Is The Law Of Heredity, Coming Down From Parent To Child; The Right Of Authority From Eight Days Old, According To The Laws Of Enshroudment (Priesthood).

#4 Stands Next To Kolob, Called By The Ahmehstrahans Oliblish, Which Is The Next Grand Governing Creation Near To The Celestial Atziluthian World Where Abideth The Ahlish; Holding The Key Of Power Also, Pertaining To Other Planets, As Revealed From The Ahlish To Abraham And Sarah As They Offered Sacrifice Upon The Altar Which They Had Built Unto The Ahlish.  Being Also A Representation Of The Briatic Sphere Of Daath, Meaning The Place Of The Endowment Of Knowledge As Pertaineth Unto Godliness, Being That Sphere Wherein The Beni Ahlish (Sons Of God) Are Schooled In The Mystery Of The Great Name.  Represented In The Material Assiah Dimension By The Orb Of Shabbathai (Saturn) And By The Dog Star Sirius, Under Which Ba Eth Ka, Or Adam Havah The First Royalty, Rules By Right And Authority Of Hoe Oophah Phaheh, Which Is 'Atriarchal Government Of Authority.  Meaning Also Rules And Laws Of Government Administered By The Direction Of Heaven Or The Ahlish; A People Living Under The Laws Of The Gospel, Or That Law By Which They May Be Sanctified And See The Face Of The Ahlish.  A Priestly Form Of Government Set Up By The Ahlish On Jah Oh Eh In Zub Zool Eh, Or In The First Blessings Of Humanity And The First Blessings Of The Church.

#5 Is Made To Represent The Elohim Sitting Upon The Throne, Clothed With Power And Authority, With A Crown Of Eternal Light Upon Their Head, Representing Also The Grand Key Words Of The Holy Priesthood As Revealed To Ba Eth Ka Or Adam And Havah In The Garden Of Eden, Which In The Egyptian Is Called Beth Gahmol, The Place Appointed Of Iao For The Residence Of Humankind, Adam Ondi Ahman, A Garden Made To Be Fruitful By Blessing Or Promise, Filled With Fruit Trees And Precious Flowers Made For The Healing Of Humankind.  Good To The Taste, Pleasing To The Eye, Sweet And Delightsome, A Place Of Happiness, Purity, Holiness, And Rest; Even Zomer Zion.  Representing Also The Sapphire Sphere Of Chesed Or Mercy, Which Manifests On The Material Plane In The Orb Of Tzedek (Jupiter); As Also The Grand Key Words Of The Priesthood Given To Ba Eth Kee Or Seth, Noah, Melchizedek, Abraham, And Their Spouses, And All To Whom The Enshroudment (Priesthood) Was Revealed And Is To Be Revealed.

#6 E Beth Ku Ain Triette, The Heavenly Bodies, The Worlds Of Light And Glory.  The Heaven, Heavens, And Heaven Of Heavens. Eternity, Places Of Residence Beyond This Earth.  Answers To The Hebrew Word Rauk Kee Yang, Signifying Expanse, Or Firmament Of The Heavens.  Representing Also The Kabbalistic Sphere Of Geburah Or Justice, Which Manifests In The World Of Assiah In The Orb Of Madim (Mars).  Also A Numerical Figure In Egyptian, Signifying One Thousand, Answering To The Time Of Oliblish, Which Is Equal With Kolob In It's Revolutions And In The Measuring Of Time.

#7 Is Called In The Egyptian Enish Go On Dosh.  This Is One Of The Governing Planets Also, And Is Said By The Egyptians To Be The Sun, And To Borrow Its Light From Kolob through The Medium Of Kae E Van Rash, Which Is The Grand Key, Or In Other Words The Governing Power Which Governs Fifteen Other Fixed Planets Or Stars, As Also Floeese The Moon, The Earth, And The Sun In Their Annual Revolutions.  Representing Also The Kabbalistic Sphere Of Tepheret, Or Beauty, Which If Represented On The Material Level By Shemesh The Sun; Hence The Ahmehstrahans Correlation Of The Braitic Enish Go On Dosh With The Assiah Shemesh Or Flos Isis, Which Is The Sun In It's Affinity With The Earth And Moon; Signifying Their Revolutions, Showing The Power The One Has With The Other.  Flos Isis Is Also Called The Royal One Of Day, Or Central Moving Planet From Which All Other Governing Moving Planets Receive Their Light, Having A Less Motion, Slow In Motion, The Earth's Chief Joy; Cheering The Face Of Millions Of Planets Is It's Name.  It Being The Highest Degree Of Light Because Its Component Parts Are Light.  The Governing Principle Of Light Because The Ahlish Hath Said:  Let There Be A Center For Light, And Let There Be Bounds That It May Not Pass.  He Hath Set A Cloud Round About In The Heavens, And The Light Of The Grand Governing Of Fifteen Fixed Stars Center There, And From There It Is Drawn By The Heavenly Bodies According To Their Portions, According To The Decrees That The Ahlish Have Set, As The Bounds Of The Ocean, That It Should Not Pass Over As A Flood, So The Ahlish Hath Set The Bounds Of Light Lest It Pass Over And Consume The Planets.

#8 Answers To The Hebrew Word Netzach Meaning Victory, Which Manifests On The Material Plane Of Assiah through The Heavenly Orb Of Nogah Or Shining Splendor, Which Is The Bright And Morning Star (Venus).

#9 Represents The Ahlish Sitting Upon Their Throne Revealing through The Heavens The Grand Key Words Of The Enshroudmenthood (Priesthood), As Also The Sign Of Ruach Ha Kaddish (Holy Spirit) Unto Abraham And Sarah In The Form Of A Dove.  Representing Also The Assiatic Orb Of Kokob (Mercury) Which Is The Material Manifestation Of The Briatic Sphere Of Hod, Which Meaneth Glory In The Hebrew.

#10  Is Made To Represent The River Naher After It Has Parted In Eden And Become Four Rivers That Flow Forth Into The Four Quarters Of The Land, Representing Also The Four Angels Of These Rivers Which Preside Over The Four Quarters Of The Earth, Which In Egyptian Is Jah Oh Eh, Signifying The Earth Under The Governing Power Of Oliblish, Enish Go On Dosh, And Kai E Van Rash, Which Are The Grand Key, Or In Other Words The Governing Power Which Governs The Fifteen Fixed Stars That Govern The Earth, Sun, And Moon, Which Have Their Power In One, With The Other Twelve Moving Planets Of This System.  Oliblish, Enish Go On Dosh, And Kai E Van Rash Are The Three Grand Central Powers That Govern All Other Creations Which Have Been Sought Out By The Most Aged Of All The 'Atriarchs Since The Beginning Of Creation By Means Of The Urim And Thummim.  The Names Of The Other Twelve Of The Fixed Stars Are:  Kolob, Limdi, Zip, Vusel, Venisti, Waine, Way Oh Ox Oan, Oansli, Skible, Shine Flis, Flis, And Os.  The Egyptian Names Of The Fifteen Moving Planets Are:  Oan Isis, Flos Isis, Flo Ese, Abbesels, Ele Ash, Subble, Slundro, Carroam, Crash Ma Kraw, Obbles Ism, I Zins Bah, Missel, Nah Mesile, Ohee Oop Zah, Zool.  Being Also The Sphere Of Malkuth, Meaning The Kingdom In Hebrew, Which The Hebrew Prophets And Prophetesses Were Want To Call Zion, The Sorrowful Mother, And The Gate Of Tears; And In This Aspect Is Meant To Show Forth The Earth In A Fallen And Separated Aspect From The Elohim.

#11  Flo Ese, The Moon In It's Threefold Manifestation, Signifying That Which Borroweth Light, Lendeth Light, It Being The Lesser Light.  Being Also Zip Zi Meaning All Women, Taking It's Origin From The Earth Yielding It's Fruit, And From The First Women Who Bore Children, And Humans Were Multiplied Upon The Earth.  Representing Also, In It's Threefold Aspect, The Threefold Nature Of The Soul Of Humankind.  The Lower Portion In Hebrew Is Called Nephesh, Being The Carnal Sensual Inclination In Man Which Relates To Lilith, The First Wife Of Ba Eth Ka Or Adam.  The Second Portion Is Called Ruah, Which Is The Natural And Emotional Spirit Within Humanity Which Answers To Hava, Adam's Second Wife.  And The Higher Spirit Is Called Neshamah In Hebrew, The Higher Intellectual And Spiritual Inclination In Man Which Is Represented By Sarah, The Third Spiritual Wife Of Ba Eth Ka Who Was Filled With The Shekinah Spirit Of The Ahlishim.  Being Also A Representation Of The Sapphirian Sphere Of Yesod, Which Is A Kabbalistic Term Meaning The Foundation, The Place Of Multiplying And Replenishing.

#12  Dah Tu Hah Dees, Another Kingdom, The Least Kingdom.  A Kingdom Without Glory. The Whole Kingdom And Dominion Of Darkness With All It's Degrees And Parts; Governed By They Who Is An Enemy To The Ahlishim, Even De Eh Or The Royal Of Hell Who Will Not Be Permitted To Exercise Power At Some Fixed Period.  Being Also A Representation Of The Serpent In Eden, Presenting To The Adamites The Forbidden Fruit Whereby The Eye Of Humankind Is Opened through The Mystery Of Leviathan The Crooked Serpent; To Know Both Good And Evil, And To Become Like Unto The Ahlish, Being Tried Even So As By Fire.

#13  And The Living Shall Perpetuate Themselves In Seed.

#14   In The Ending Is The Beginning, And In The Beginning Is The Ending, For They Who Have Power To Receive.

#15  And The Leaven Of Light Lifts The Lump (Flesh), Sanctifying, Purifying, Perfecting.

#16  Praise Whom Praise Is Due, Toward Merging Into The Messiahs.

#17  In The Beginning Emerged A Seed, Firstfruits Of The Perfect; Followed By Hosts Of Others; Some Beloved, Some Rebellious.  The Beloved Creating through The Impotent Children Of Rebellion, A Cup Of Bitterness To Quench The Longings Of Joy Of The Children Of Light.  Becoming Drunk Then Sober; Being Lifted Again To The Place Of Origin, To Become An Origin Unto Themselves.  Dwelling In A Perfect Society, Free Of Death And Disease.  The End Of Ends.

#18  A Seed Conceived In Ignorance, A Light In The Darkness; To Teach The Proper Path To Become Pure Refined Light In Love.

#19  Seeing They See Not, But The Believing Know, through Love, Of The Magnitude Of The Mysteries Of Godliness, And How To Possess It.

#20 Laugh, For The Waters Of Life Flow Freely.

#21 And The Rushing Wind Is The Spirit, Illuminating And Cleansing The Air Of Dust.

#22 To The Pure All Intimacy Is Pure, And One Who Holds The Keys Has Power Over All.

#23 Lifting Up through The Path Of Life through Osiris (Yesua) The Forerunner.

#24 Lacking Ability To Perpetuate Error, Resolved To Sound Judgement.

#25 To Be Led through Ascending Aeons To The Secret Bridal Chamber through The Receiver Melchizedek, Unto The Beholding Of The Mistress Of Flames; Being Filled And Not Consumed In Abundant Blessings And Riches.

#26 To Rise Up through The Messiahs, Becoming Sons And Citizens Of The High House, Firstborns Before The Throne, Giving Praise In The Shrine Of Song.

#27 I Am, Passing Before The Beginning, Farther Than The End.

#28 Blossoming In Perfection.

#29 Standing Before The Throne, As An Example To They Who Come After, That Dwelling Might Be With They Who Come After; through The Affects Of Kolob And Oliblish.

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