Yoga Systems
of the
Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel

Yoga is an eastern method of mysticism whose aim is to reunite one with their eternal Atma or spiritual self. Yoga is a Sanscrit word meaning "union", implying one's reunion with the divine. There are eight different levels of this art taught in the far east, and four different systems or types of Yoga. The Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel employs all four major forms of Yoga, as well as all eight levels found within each of these four major forms, as part of its overall spiritual program of self perfection and illumination and incorporates them into what's called Essene Yoga.

Mantra Yoga consisting of two levels called Yama and Niyama, is employed by the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel to help those living in the world to begin to weane themselves from its attractions.

Hatha Yoga consists of practices designed to help those gathered out of the world into an ashram community. Its Asana level deals with the purification and perfection of the physical body, and its Pranayama phase deals with breath control and other mind altering techniques.

The Laya Yoga program has two sections. Pratyahara or sensory control, and Dharana or intense concentration.

The Raja Yoga program is for they having gained expertise in the lower Yoga programs, and consists of a Dhyana or meditation level, and a Samadhi or ecstatic bliss level.

Esene Yoga is the Yoga taught by Yeshua. It unites the other forms of Yoga into one grand synthesis.


Mantra Yoga is divided up by the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel into two categories - Yama (commandments) and Niyama (rules). The practice of these two of the eight limbs of Yoga is designed to weane one from their desire for things of the world and to cultivate in them a desire to leave the lifestyle of the world and enter a totally spiritual centered life. Mantra-Yoga signifies the first level of worldly detachment called Mrdu, meaning vague and weak detachment.

The Mantra Program, consisting of two levels called Yama and Niyama, is employed by the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel to help those living in the world to begin to refine their relationship to its values and begin to weane themselves from its many false attractions and from the control it has over ones life. Both levels of this program can be approached individually, or with a support group.


The YAMA program of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel has eight limbs, or divisions which concentrate on personal and ecological correctness and personal freedom. In each of its eight levels there exists certain exercises and practices designed to begin the transformation process. The tasks set before one on this beginning level are meager, yet important, and set the stage for more comprehensive exercises on higher level.

*1* RIGHT BELONGING Active membership in an organization which promotes a more natural and spiritual lifestyle. This includes belonging to and participating with an organization such as the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel which stands for a higher level of spirituality and life than is normally encountered in the world. This also includes a resolution to cease belonging to any group, organization, family, or employment which exerts undue influence in ones life, or which takes away any freedom by coercion, fear, or false argument.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Mystical Immersion. Solo or group Immersion into symbolic tomb-womb waters, at dusk on the new moon, to symbolize ones break from bondage to others in the world and the beginning of a new era of freedom in ones life. Implies an oath of loyalty to ones true self..

PRACTICES: Make a firm resolution to begin a new and freer life on a higher more spiritually responsible level than before.

AVOIDANCES: Attempt to interupt the natural tendency to return to ones old habitual life. Not allowing society, employer, church, organization or individual to control, unduly influence, or to take away ones personal independence to any degree whatsoever.

EXERCISES: Renounce at least one poor practice, false tradition, or association and remove the temptation of it from ones sphere.


MEDITATION: Crawl up into a fetal position and meditate on returning to the peace of the womb to be reborn on a freer less incumbered level.

*2* RIGHT ATTITUDE Willingness to constantly learn, grow, and improve ones life. This includes openess to new ideas and foreign philosophies, and some effort extended toward encountering life changing ideas thru such methods as attendance at lectures, seminars, or classes, by subscribing, purchasing or borrowing literature, talking with those that express possible alternatives to ones present lifestyle or other such eye opening avenues.

RITE: Mystical Anointing. Ceremonial bequeathal of a portion of the Spirit of the organization of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel, and an anointing to declare oneself a sovereign and independent and free entity on the earth who is under the dominion of no one. Implies an oath to auire more light.

PRACTICE: Begin at least a monthly attempt to receive direction in ones life from a higher non earthly source. Begin to explore alternatives to taking advice from worldly councilers, medical, legal, and economical proffessionals who make their living off others less informed than they.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid being closed to higher insight which might come to one in a variety of guises. Avoid trusting doctors, clergy, and others likely to give one tradition status quo advice.

EXERCISE: Risk the asking of a very specific life altering question.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC: Steps to Freedom by Fields, I Ching Workbook by Wing, Meetings With Remarkable Men, Razor's Edge.

MEDITATION: Contemplate how the bulk of innovative information which has bettered earth life has come thru unorthodox means and radical non-conformist individuals, such as a chemistry breakthru and psychological knowledge via dreams, etc.

*3* RIGHT ASSOCIATION Friendship with those espousing higher spiritual values.

RITE: Mystical Meal. Ceremonial meal to consolidate ones confederacy and group support of those wishing to act as independent Kings and Queens on the earth. Implies an oath to promote life.

PRACTICE: Make a conscious decision to spend more time with people striving to live a more spiritually correct life and who will support you in developing complete autonomy. This may include extending oneself socially to form new bonds with like minded souls on the same spiritual path as ones own.

AVOIDANCE: Begin to phase out of ones life those that fail to stimulate one spiritually or who incourage your dependence or conformity to others. This may entail reducing the time spent with old friends and family.

EXERCISE: Participate in at least a once a month spiritual orientated meal or feast with souls fully supporting your freeagency, preferably on the full moon.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Opening of the Way by Lubicz, Outlook On Our Inner Western Way by Gray.

MEDITATION: As an evil cancer slowly takes over and consumes the body, meditate on a point of light within slowly growing and consuming all darkness and disease within the body.

*4* RIGHT GENEROSITY: Non greed to the point of charitable offerings. Ones material pursuit of pleasures and luxuries must be tempered by a portion of ones time and resources being donated to a higher cause than ones own material comfort and entertainment.

RITE: Oath of Labor and Offerings at an Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel. A personal promise to end all subservient behavior no matter how lucrative.

PRACTICE: Wisely begin an exercise program to raise one up to a new level of physical fitness lest you become dependent on medical priests. Begin to donate a minimum of ten percent of ones increase, and preferably more, to ones organization of choice which is furthering ones personal freedom and putting into practice ones espoused ideals.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid consumerism, block out advertisements, avoid impulse buying and the purchasing of things one does not need. Avoid working for or under anyone else.

EXERCISE: Set time aside on a monthly basis to do altruistic volunteer actions that benefit, either directly or indirectly, ones spiritual organization.

BOOK,VIDEO.ETC.: Order of Zadok; Brother Sun - Sister Moon.

MEDITATION: Ponder the abundance of resources available on the earth, and how beautiful life could be with a more equal sharing of the goods of the earth, and of the false illusion of the contentment of the wealthy living in luxury, and of the false notion that it is alright to have another boss you around as long as they pay you for the right to do so.

*5* RIGHT LIVING: Kindness to animals; neither eating, wearing, or abusing them. This means that your life is not based on the destruction of another's, whether directly or indirectly.

RITE: Oath of Learning and Diet and self education taken at a holy Altar. A Personal promise to stop eating the worldly diet which makes one dependent on their medical profession.

PRACTICE: Begin a transition diet designed toward more fresh and whole natural foods and beverages. Begin to carefully read labels and ingredients, and end any addictions or inslavements to drugs, alchohol, tobacco, etc. Begin a personal study program that will free you from dependence on "profesionals" and which will begin to weane you from flase notions and propoganda fed you in school and church.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid animal or highly processed foods, bleached flours, sugars, dyes, chemicals, preservatives. This includes not eating fish, fowl, reptiles, or animals; nor using their furs, skins, or other by-products of their demise. This also includes not purchasing products tested on animals, or concocted out of their remains such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, and cleansers. Avoid paying for advice when it is available thru personal research. Avoid automatically accepting information and attitudes you have been taught in the past.

EXERCISE: Three day juice cleanse to begin purging the flesh of animal residue each month (near the dark moon if possible). Restitution or penance toward the animal kingdom to help rectify the years spent abusing and consuming them, by providing feed, shelter, sustaining their habitat, or other helpful practices.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Essene Gospel of Peace, Mucusless Diet by Ehret, Book of Raphael by Tolman, Unconventional Medicine by Crown, Survival In the Twentyfirst Century.

MEDITATION: Attempt to contemplate how large of a farm you could fill with all the fish, fowl, and beasts which have been killed for you to eat. Contemplate how many thousands of lives could have been saved from starvation if each acre of land used to raise cattle had been more productively used to produce soybeans for direct human consumption. Consider the power others have over you thru their supposed superior education.

*6* RIGHT COMMUNION: Admiration, gratitude, and enjoyment of the beauty of nature. This entails frequent outings into the grandeur of nature where one can get in tune with the spirit of the earth.

RITE: Oath of Laughter and Communion with the spirit of the earth.

PRACTICE: Plan periodic excursions into natural settings where one can commune with Mother Nature and use her beauty to help reconnect with things spiritual. Visit National Parks, Forests, Hot Springs, Botanical gardens, etc. Learn to make personal connections to Deity so as not to be dependent on clergy or shammans.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid becoming too caught up in the man made world and failing to commune with the beauty of Mother Nature. Avoid following false and true prophets or any other religious, medical, or economical leader.

EXERCISE: Acquire a fruit tree or trees from a nursery and donate such to a spiritual community or other place of appreciation, as a gesture toward healing the earth.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: PBS shows such as Nature, Nat. Geographic, Dances With Wolves, etc.

MEDITATION: Ponder how man's divorce from nature has coincided with his schizophrenic split with his own inner self and sense of wholeness and purpose in life.

*7* RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: Responsible employment that adds to the quality of life on earth. Ones employment should not contribute either directly or indirectly to the harm of any living creature, including the overall earth ecosystem. In addition, one should discontinue ones profession, no matter how enjoyable or lucrative, if it means another can tell you what to do (in your personal life) or if it does not contribute to a better more peaceful world.

RITE: Oath of Lucidity and Responsibility.

PRACTICE: Become skilled in an area useful in a rural spiritual community setting. Becoming trained in an area of alternate healing, creativity, or spirituality thru attendance at night schools or week end seminars. These might include: pottery, weaving, massage, colonic therapy, acupressure, gardening, beekeeping, veg. cooking, solar energy, botany, etc.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid making a living by any means which contributes to pollution, poverty, or despair of the planet. Refuse to work under or for others, but only in cooperation or by contract with them.

EXERCISE: Donate or trade your time at least once a month, in the area of your chosen art, that you might become proficient and skilled in its practice.


MEDITATION: Ponder how correct employment can bring untold happiness and health to multitudes and can make a real difference in the quality of ones own life and the life of everyone one deals with.

*8* RIGHT CONDUCT: Conducting ones life in strict conformity to ones holy marriage vows, and being totally honest and true to to those vows.

RITE: Love Oath and marriage ceremony conducted in a Temple setting.

PRACTICE: Appropriate restraint, safety, and caring in sexual matters, being wise and cautious about conceiving children.

AVOIDANCE: Be willing to work on any relationship which detracts from ones spiritual growth and activities, to encourage that relationship to grow in a spiritual direction.

EXERCISE: Arrange an evening with your spouse and dedicate it to love and devotion. This includes setting up a spiritual atmosphere so that the evening takes on the aura of sanctity.


MEDITATION: Ponder the very nature of marriage and remember it has been ordained by God.


NIYAMA program of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel has eight degrees associated with increased social and spiritual responsibility and maturity.

*1* CORRECT HABITS: Clean, orderly, and harmonious home, garden, and lifestyle which is a reflection of ones emotional wellbeing.

RITE OF PASSAGE: The Covenant of Enoch's ascent into heaven.

PRACTICE: Incorporate healthy, sound habits into ones life which result in a harmonious, clean, neat, and well ordered personal and home appearance.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid letting ones concentration on the orderliness of their enviroment slip lest such denote an emotional backsliding to more primitive times.

EXERCISE: Begin a dream diary and personal journal, making entries on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Macrobiotics by Kushi, Man and His Symbols by Jung, psychological and astrological books.

MEDITATION: Meditate on the relationship of ones outer world to ones inner world of dreams and the subconscious.

*2* CORRECT INTELLECT: Personal consistant study program of sacred writings which lends itself to intellectual improvement and the acquisition of pertinent knowledge needed for liberation.

RITE: Manora ceremony.

PRACTICE: Receive a spiritual reading list and develop the desire to become familiar with selected works necessary for spiritual transformation.

AVOIDANCE: Reject inferior literature, engage in neither idle gossip nor chit-chat.

EXERCISE: Develop a daily study schedule at a time when one is less likely to be interrupted or distracted, and implement such in a consistant fashion, penalizing oneself when one fails to meet ones own personal regiment for study. Attempt to do some "inspired" writing but don't take such too seriously even if it sounds especially powerful or pure, for many have gone astray in this.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Fourth Way by Ouspensky, Secret Teachings of All Ages by Hall, philosophy, tarot, qabbalistic, Rajneesh books.

MEDITATION: Ponder the slipperiness of ones alertness and consciousness, and how quickly one falls into subjectivity.

*3* CORRECT AESTHETICS: Appreciation and fostering of love, beauty, and the fine arts. Including personal artistic expression and the beautification of ones self and environment. (Ownership of expensive art and luxury items and furnishings are in conflict with the cultivation of this simple form of awareness.)

RITE: Shewbread ceremony.

PRACTICE: Appreciating art, form, color, and other aesthetic values.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid attracting and being attracted to gaudy, untasteful, tacky, and kisch objects in ones life.

EXERCISE: Attempt to write some form of prose or poetry.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Krishnamurti, Hazards of Holiness by Bro. Antoninus, poetry and art books, Star Signs For Lovers by Greene; Fantasia, Romeo & Juliet.

MEDITATION: Meditate on a repulsive or ugly scene until one can begin to perceive an underlining beauty about it.

*4* CORRECT HUMBLENESS: The subjection of the ego by denying it the material props which bolster it up, simplifying ones life to bare necessities and centering ones life in service rather than the acquisition of goods.

RITE: Golden Incense Altar ceremony.

PRACTICE: Liquidate ones material assets and sell off ones un-necessary luxury items, donating the excess goods and funds to foster the work of ones chosen spiritual movement.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid fooling oneself into hanging on to an unnecessary item because of an intense emotional and identity image being tied into its possession.

EXERCISE: Choose a new spiritual name to denote ones humble spiritual side in contrast to ones worldly idenity.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Bhagavad Gita, Ye Are Gods by Skarin; The Mission

MEDITATION: Ponder how fragile the security of worldly man is, and how greatly their self image is tied into their material possessions, and that by stripping away the possessions, one strips away the false ego and fake personality built up around them.

*5* CORRECT JUDGEMENT: Opposition against injustice, abuse, darkness, and materialism, including objective judging of our own weaknesses and shortcomings together with a resolve to overcome them.

RITE: Tripod of Water ceremony.

PRACTICE: Enrole in a Tai Chi class.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid critisizing others faults, but instead look within to ones own weaknesses.

EXERCISE: (Outward Bound Course or similar experience)

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Tao Te King, Luscher Color Test; Ghandi.

MEDITATION: Understand that those things which annoy us about others are the very problems which we have, but which are suppressed and hidden from our feeble view.

*6* CORRECT DEVOTION: Devotion to Diety and a searching attitude toward correctness. This includes kindness and forgiveness of ones self and of others thru accepting grace from the heavens.

RITE: Fire Tripod ceremony.

PRACTICE: Attempt to cultivate a deep surrendering adoration and gratitude toward beings and powers higher and holier than oneself, and incorporate a daily routine which reminds one of this parent child relationship.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid emotional patterns and associations utilized by those who attempt to worship Diety in the world, for there are grave pitfalls in such.

EXERCISE: Visit a service in a Buddhist Temple or other unfamiliar religious service to develop tolerance and awareness in worship.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Ramakrishna by Isherwood, Encyclopedia of American Religions, Golden Bough by Frazer, Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogaananda; Jesus of Nazaras, (Golden Child), Fiddler on the Roof.

MEDITATION: Ponder the parent-child relationship that can and does exist between you and a heavenly guardian angel or sponser on the other side, and attempt to perceive the flow of energy that is possible between oneself and ones unseen and perhaps unfelt spiritual sponser.

*7* CORRECT DISCIPLINE: Willingness to endure hardship and to sacrifice for ones ideals. This also entails personal self discipline and the development of fortitude and resolve to overcome all limitations and restrictions.

RITE: Veil ceremony.

PRACTICE: Study and/or visit ancient archeological sites and distant cultures.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid entertaining meglomanical illusions, messianic complexes, and delusions of grandeur or self-importance.

EXERCISE: VISION QUEST Minimum three day total seclusion retreat, fast, and vow of silence designed to facilitate the dawning of a personal vision.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: Edgar Cayce books, Reincarnation by Hall, Her Bak and Temple in Man by Lubicz, Awakening Osiris by Ellis.

MEDITATION: Visualize oneself being fastened to a crucifix and being crossed out from among those existing in the world.

*8* CORRECT WITHDRAWL: (Maha-bhava Samadhi) Willingness to abandon the false illusions, pleasures, and life in the world in order to begin a new life in a spiritual community.

RITE: Nazarean transition ceremony.

PRACTICE: Detach oneself from all earthly allurements, undo the bonds that bind, and free oneself from the bondage of babylon.

AVOIDANCE: Avoid being trapped into old habitual habits or obligations by guilt, fear, or other entangling snare.

EXERCISE: Weekend visit to a Holy Order community, and a personal selection of a spiritual guide to take one thru the next phase of their spiritual training program.

BOOK,VIDEO,ETC.: The Man Who Would Be Perfect, Needs Of a New Age Community by Bennett, Shangrila video, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Hamlet by Shakespeare.

MEDITATION: Traditional Buddhist corpse meditation to free one from the fear of death and decay.

of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel

The HATHA Program of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel is divided into two sections called ASANAS and PRANAYAMA. Each of these two sections is further divided into eight limbs or levels. The entire HATHA Program of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel is designed for they that have graduated from the Mantra Program and have gathered out of the world (at least mentally) to live in a Holy Order Community of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel where the HATHA Program can be lived and experienced in its fulness.


ASANAS - Developement of a subtle hidden physical body of refined elements cacooned in the outer serpent flesh. This inner refined Adamic flesh is crystalized around a matrix of light from refined elements of earth, air, water, fire, and ether. This process is approached indirectly thru purification and perfection of the outer body which envelopes it. This entails the employment of certain exercises, dietary regimes, and other helpful methods designed to create, nourish, and evolve this Adamic body of light.

*1* Tamas Sodhana (cleansing) Purifying of inertia in the lower body thru enemas & herbs, thus yieldin stability.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Mystical Immersion.

*2* Rajas Sodhana Purification of activity.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Chrism Ceremony.

*3* Sattva Sodhana Purification thru harmony.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Messianic Meal Ceremony.

*4* Karma (communal service work) The karma yoga practice of working for others helps cleanse one of past karmic debts thru selfless service.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Covenant of Consecration.

*5* Mitahara (wholesome diet) and weekly fasting. This helps purify and cleanse the nadi channels in the body so that they can channel prana energy thru them in higher Yoga practices.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Covenant of the Tongue.

*6* Bhakti (daily devotion and worship of Yeshua) This daily idenification with the object of ones adorations prepares the heart to receive divine love and healing.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Covenant of Worship.

*7* 32 Hatha Asanas (daily stretching exercises) These daily performed asanas tone up and revitalize the body and glands in preparation for meditation. They promote health and beauty.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Covenant of Stewardship.

*8* Union.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Covenant of Chastity.


PRANAYAMA section of the Hatha program of the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel is concerned with the further developement and maturing of the Adamic body of light within. This further evolvement is effected thru certain exercises and breathing techniques which help generate and move energy and light into certain portions of this growing Adamic body that it might be charged and vitalized as an efectual instrument in the spiritual metamorphosis process.

*1* Asanas (rigid body positions to induce altered states) This non movement of the body for long periods causes the mind to go into the same state as when the body is motionless in sleep. One must be able to abide completely motionless for one hour to pass this level.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian Oath of Levanah.

*2* Mantras (repetitive chants to discipline the mind) This practice causes the lower mind to loop around itself, and thus free the higher mind from its entanglements. One hour of continuous mantra is required.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian Oath of Kokob.

*3* Mudras (hand positions) Thru various curlings, crossings, stretching, and touching of the fingers certain effects are imposed on the mind and body useful toward meditation.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian Oath of Nogah.

*4* Bandhas (bindings or upward re-routing of nerve energy) This practice takes highly concentrated energy stored in certain portions of the body and redirects it to areas where such can be used for spiritual transformation. If taken into the thoracic region it results in an inflaming of the heart in ecstatic love. Proficiency in the various methods of this art must be demonstated.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian Oath of Shemesh.

*5* Adhama Pranayama (beginning breathing patterns including 4/16/8, the breath of fire, etc.)

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian Oath of Madim.

*6* Madhyama Pranayama (middle range breathing techniques such as 8/32/16)

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian Oath of Tzedec.

*7* Uttama Pranayama (advanced breathings such as the 16/64/32 pattern)

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian Oath of Shabathai.

*8* (Maha-bodha Samadhi) no-repiration or animation, corpse like. Coorelates with the Crossing of the Abyss passage between the Enochian and 'Atriarchal Order.

RITE OF PASSAGE: Enochian-Berashithian Oath of Paroketh.


The Laya Yoga program also has two parts - Pratayahara and Dharana. Pratayahara completes the first five limbs which deal with the subjection of the body and associated phenomenon. With Dharana begins the last three limbs which deal more with the mind and spirit. Laya-Yoga deals with the third level of detachment from the world called Adhimatra where worldly enjoyments become painful.

PRATYAHARA (Berashithian) The restraint of the bodily senses and their control by the mind. The mind is steadied and no longer distracted by the outside world by totally shutting down all sensory acceptance within the mind.

1 Shakti arousal
2 Right ear sounds
3 Shushumna sound
4 Brahma-granthi tinkling
5 Vishnu-granthi kettle drum
6 Rudra-granthi drumming
7 Brahma-randhra loud and subtle sounds
8 Laya absorption state

DHARANA (Mazzalothian) This practice consists of holding the mind on one object, concentrating upon it solely, to the exclusion of all else. At this point all bodily distraction has been nulified.

1 Muladharara
2 Svadhisthana
3 Manipura
4 Anahata
5 Visuddha
6 Ajna
7 Sahasrara
8 Maha-Laya Samadhi (no outer consciousness, immersed in bliss)


The Raja Yoga program has two sections also, composed of Dhyana meditation and Samadhi bliss. Raja -Yoga is especially mental, and deals with discrimination between infinite and finite. This yoga represents the final fourth level of detachment from the world called Para where one is completely detached and can not be brought back into attachment under any circumstances.

DHYANA A state of deep meditation where the mind is occupied by the thought of one subject after casting away thought of all other subjects. This quality of mental realization is of two types: meditation on form, and meditation where the self is its own object. This includes Sthula Dhyana (image forming), Jyotih (image infusion), and Suksma (Kundalini meditation).

1 Dhyana level one
2 Dhyana level two
3 Dhyana level three
4 Dhyana level four
5 Dhyana level five
6 Dhyana level six
7 Dhyana level seven
8 Dhyana level eight

SAMADHI Total ecstasy of complete oneness with the object of ones contemplation.

1 Samadhi one
2 Samadhi two
3 Samadhi three
4 Samadhi four
5 Samadhi five
6 Samadhi six
7 Samadhi seven
8 Nirvikalpa Samadhi (final liberation)


Each yoga system listed above addresses one or more important aspect of the spiritual life and, therefore, can assist a being in the quest for conscious union with God. The Essene yoga taught by Jesus includes aspects of each yoga system, and is presented in a simple, gradient fashion, so that anyone -- even small children -- can practice it.

"The Essene Way" (Essene Yoga) was the spiritual practice taught by Jesus Christ, as revealed in ancient Essene manuscripts. Bhakti, in the center or "heart" of the chart, is the heart of Essene Yoga: all of our other yogic practices are motivated by our Bhakti, our love and devotion for God.

Essene Yoga

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