The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel
~ The
Confession of Faith ~
The Esoteric Spiritual Order

We believe that the Godhead is Ehyah, I AM.

We believe that Ehyah, I AM, is neither male nor female.

We believe that, for the purpose of creation, Ehyah manifested the Elohim, the Creative Spirits known as Divine Father God and Divine Mother Goddess, the masculine and feminine principles of creation.

We believe that the union of Father God and Mother Goddess is the procreative, generative power of the universe, that from their cosmic union comes forth the Divine Child: Creation.

We believe that all of Creation is the Divine Child, that all of us are Divine Children, that all of Creation is created in the image and likeness of the Triune Deity: Ehyah the Godhead (I AM), Divine Father God (the masculine principle), and Divine Mother Goddess (the feminine principle).

We believe that the Triune Deity is a Oneness in Three Modes, that within the Father is the Mother, that within the Mother is the Father, and that within both, as the source and basic identity of both, is Ehyah, the I AM.

We believe that the Divine Masculine Principle and the Divine Feminine Principle are equal in value and importance, in the heavens, on earth, and within us.

We believe that harmony will be experienced within and around us to the degree that the masculine principle and the feminine principle are in balance; and that disharmony will be experienced to the degree that they are out of balance.

We believe that, in relationship to us, God the Divine Masculine is Father, and Goddess the Divine Feminine is Mother; however, in relationship to Ehyah, their Source, they are the Divine Son and Divine Daughter, the only begotten children of Ehyah.

We believe that, in the sense described above, Yahowshua ha Mashiakh (Jesus the Christ) is both the Divine Father and the Only Begotten Son, in that he is the masculine aspect of the Elohim directly begotten by Ehyah.

We believe that Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, is in the sense described above, both the Divine Mother and the Only Begotten Daughter, in that she is the feminine aspect of the Elohim directly begotten by Ehyah.

We believe that the entire universe is a cosmic school system for the education of souls. Like all school systems, there are various levels; when we learn the lessons of one level, we graduate to the next.

We believe that there are countless heavenly realms and countless hellish realms. If we create a heavenly consciousness within, we will later experience a heavenly outer-realm as well. If we create hell within, we will later experience an outer hell realm as well.

We believe that reincarnation is a fact of life at this level of the cosmic school system. However, our goal is to transcend the need for reincarnation by the manifestation of angelic bodies of light that never die.

We believe that Jesus was an Nasorean Essene from Mount Carmel, he taught that God is both Father and Mother and an holistic spiritual practice called, "The Nazarene Way".

We believe that the first Christians were Nasorean Essenes who accepted Jesus as the Messiah. They practiced "The Nazarene Way".

The Nazarenes of  Mount Carmel
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