Ancient Nazorean Life
at Essene Canyon, Mt Carmel, Israel

Floor plan and interior of the cave, with stair and altar on the right

View of the cave entrance

View of Temple site entrance (looking westward out the front entrance toward the more modern chapel built near the top of the winding stairs)

Waterworks and steps cut into the rock slope

Stairs at Wadi Essene Well

Stairs at the ancient Nazorean Monastic complex at Wadi Essiah

The graves of an elderly man and one with an older man and young woman were found carved into the rock at the entrance to the Temple site. 
Prior's Cell at western entrance, with cascading pools on the right

Restored Entrance to the medieval oratory constructed over the still older (Essene Temple) site.

View eastward over the central courtyard between western Assembly Hall and Temple site

View of building ruins south of the Temple site


Another view of Temple site toward the northwest entrance

View from the Bethlehem Cave westward toward the entrance

View eastward up Essene canyon toward the monastery site

Wadi Es-Siah (Essene Canyon), with encroaching modern buildings

Flowers on Carmel

Pottery fragments found at the ancient Essene Monastery site

The Nazarenes of  Mount Carmel
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