The Essene Nazorean Church of Mount Carmel
~ School of the Prophets ~
The Esoteric Spiritual Seminary of the B'nai-Amen Temple

The Purpose of this seven leveled study course is to familiarize the aspirant with the seven distinct spiritual tributaries which flow into the stream of the Essene Nazorean Church of Mount Carmel. These are the ancient spiritual paths which have proven their enduring value as a means of growing closer to God.

The secondary purpose of this seven fold course is to introduce the aspirant to the ancient principles that underlie Nazorean traditions and initiation. Completion of this course will assure an adequate understanding of the Nazarene Way and will bequeath a solid introductory foundation into the seven major World religions and philosophies.

Completion of all 7 lessons and the Final Examination qualifies for legal ordination as Priest or Priestess into the Essene Nazorean Church of Mount Carmel and grants the prerequisite to perform Essene Nazorean initiatory rites including marriage, funerals and baptisms. 

In addition, upon successful completion of the course you will receive a beautiful Ordination Certificate to hang in your personal sanctuary.

We offer the School of the Prophets course to those who feel called to the ministry. The total fee required for the School of the Prophets Course for Ordination is $247.00. Upon completion you will receive a beautiful Ordination Certificate to hang in your sanctuary.

To submit your fee for the School of the Prophets Course, please click on the Buy Now button below.

This is a Legal Ordination which grants you:
  • The Rights and Privileges of other Ordained Ministers.

  • The Authority to perform Marriages, Baptisms, Namings and Funerals.

Courses and Lessons 

The courses and lessons are outlined below. Upon successful completion and review of each exam, the following lesson's URL will be sent. Aspirants are also required to familiarize themselves with the customs and traditions of the Essene Nazorean Church of Mount Carmel, its teachings and guidelines. Aspirants are also required to follow strict adherence to an ethical and companionate lifestyle.

The courses and lessons are as follows:

Lesson One The Essenes & Historical Records
Lesson Two The Essenes & the Dead Sea Scrolls
Lesson Three The Essenes & the Nazaoreans
Lesson Four The Essenes & the Pythagoreans
Lesson Five The Essenes & the Coptics & Gnostics
Lesson Six Sacred Texts and Sacred Traditions
Lesson Seven The Essenes & the Carmelites & Benedictines
Summary Summary & Agreements for Ordination

Overview of Lesson One - The Essenes

The first lesson in the School of the Prophets has four parts. Each part deals with the following information and an exam: 1)  All historical writings that mention the Essenes; 2)  Two types of Essenes according to historians - 3)  Nazarean Essenes according to Cayce; 4)  Essene Monastic Orders.

Each of the four parts of the lessons have an exam and are included with each lesson. There are no books to purchase or supplies needed. All the texts, illustrations and materials you will need are included in the lessons. You study at your own pace and all exams are open book.

Upon completion of each lesson, you will have the option of continuing on to the next, should you desire to do so.

It is our sincere hope that you find these lessons insightful and that they provide a spiritual path for those who desire to walk in the Way of the Nazarene.

School of the Prophets Student Application

Please send a paragraph stating why you would like to be considered for ordination into the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel.

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