Baptism of Water and Light

O Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother, Creator God,

Should there be anything missing or deficient; supplement it from Your Treasury which is lacking in nothing. May there be healing, victory, soundness, speech and hearing. Let there be joy of heart and forgiving of sins.

This child has sought day and night for the Light You are. Finding that Light, He/She approaches You now for purification. Make him/her now into a part of Your Light, that he/she may accomplish Your Purpose here on earth and inherit Your Kingdom.

From You, O Lord, streams Living Water. Let the Gate be opened. With the chrism, he/she prepares for an influx of Your Radiant Light. Through these physical symbols before us flows the power to cleanse, purify and make whole. With a changed heart this water is transformed into Living Water. From Your Living Water is received Pneuma, Your breath, O God, and Fire, Your Spirit and Gnosis given us through Yeshua, Your Son. May this chrism and Living Water purify him/her with Pneuma and Holy Fire as he/she comes to You O Lord. 

He/She comes offering alms and sacrifice, knowing that otherwise there can be no redemption. To you he/she offers and sacrifices all that they are, body, mind, and soul. Please accept this humble offering and bless him/her with purification that he/she may be forever joined to You.

He/She acknowledges that living a harmless, compassionate life is the Law, and calls to witness that he/she shall henceforth and forever respect all living things. He/She shall not purposely harm, abuse, kill, or eat innocent creatures of the earth, water, or sky. We understand that, through You O Lord, we are them and they are us. 

In prayer and fasting he/she comes into your Holy Presence, discovering that which he/she wants to change. Hopeful, desiring to walk fully in Your Light. Heal him/her and make him/her pure. Feeling the pain, as did Christ, of the Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father, the pain of the lost, he/she cries out to You in the wilderness.

The water is a living garment. We understand it is necessary to put on this Garment of Light. As he/she is touched by the Water, he/she becomes Light, receiving the Pure Sign. He/She receives the Seal of Life, to wear Your Name forever engraved upon his/her forehead, sealed, guarded and protected; forever Yours and forever changed. We thank you for this indescribable blessing you are about to bestow upon this Child of Light. In Yeshua's way we pray, Amin.

Do you, (name), believe with all your heart that our brother Yeshua came to show us the way to our father ?
answers, 'I do.'

Will you live forevermore with him as your guide to living the Lord's way?
answers, 'I will.' 

Priest/Priestess: (Please kneel) 
Now the Light is the chrism. It is from the olive tree that we get the chrism, and from the chrism, the resurrection. I baptize you in the style of Yeshua with the baptism of Light. I now anoint you with the chrism. (anoint with oil)

Your baptism will guard you and elevate you to the Source. In the name of Yeshua we seek strength. May the forces of the Living Waters of the Living God be loosed upon this Child of Light. Let them wash over (name) inside and out. Let (name) accept the Pure Sign and put on the Robe of Light. Let the heart of Yeshua and the heart of the One descend into her/his being. Accept this baptism of Water and Light. May it guard you and ascend to the Source. Receive in joy! Be raised in Life! (Name), I baptize you now in Living Water in the way of Yeshua Ha Masshiach.

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