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~ Rituals and Ceremonies ~
External Acts of Veneration and Worship

Baptism is a water purification ritual. Baptism as a definitive rite, by which an individual has indicated a wish to become fully qualified for participation in a spiritual life and symbolizes the cleansing or washing away of sins. Baptisms can be performed by sprinkling water on the head or by total immersion. Baptisms may also be symbolically performed on infants.

Communions are an important aspect of daily Essenian life and have three immediate objectives. The first is to make man conscious of the activities of the different forces and forms of energy which surround him and perpetually flow toward him from nature and the cosmos. The second is to make him aware of the organs and centers within his being which can receive these currents of energy. The third is to establish a connection between the organs and centers and their, corresponding forces so as to absorb, control and utilize each current. 


Eucharist is the sacrament of consecrated bread and wine or the ritual surrounding it. The term "Eucharist" is based upon the Greek word eucharisto, meaning to give thanks or to rejoice. The Eucharist usually contains the words spoken by Jesus at the Last Supper: "Take, eat, this is my body.... Take, drink, this is my blood.... Do this in remembrance of me." All subsequent celebration of the Eucharist is based on this injunction.


Fest or Festival is an event, usually staged by a religious community, which centers on a specific theme or commemorates a unique aspect or day in religions history. 


Holiday is day set aside by a religion, nation or culture typically for celebration. Based on the English words holy and day, holidays originally represented special days of a religious calendar. 

Marriage / Weddings

Meditation is a state of extreme relaxation and concentration, in which the body is generally at rest and the mind quieted of surface thoughts. Meditation is sometimes akin to prayer and worship, wherein the practitioner turns spiritual thoughts over in the mind and engages the brain in higher thinking processes. The goal in this case is the receipt of spiritual insights and new understanding.


Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey by a individual to a place that is sacred, or retraces the steps of a devout being or prophet. 

Prayer is an offering of communication or praise to a deity or deities. A variety of body postures may be assumed, often with specific meaning associated with them: Prayers may be recited from memory, read from a book of prayers, or composed spontaneously as they are prayed. Prayer may be done privately and individually, or it may be done in the presence of fellow believers. Some outward acts that sometimes accompany prayer are: ringing a bell; burning incense; lighting a candle or facing a specific direction.

Ritual is a formalized, predetermined set of symbolic actions generally performed in a particular environment at a regular, recurring interval. The set of actions that comprise a ritual often include such things as recitation, singing, group processions, repetitive dance or manipulation of sacred objects. The general purpose of rituals is to express some fundamental truth or meaning, evoke spiritual, numinous emotional responses from participants, and/or engage a group of people in unified action to strengthen their communal bonds. The word ritual, when used as an adjective, relates to the noun 'rite', as in rite of passage.

Sabbath (Hebrew "Shabbat") Considered by the Essenes as the holiest day of the week. The Sabbath occurs on the seventh day of the week and is observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening as a day of rest and worship. The first Sabbath was the day during which God rested after having completed the creation in six days, as described in Genesis 2:2-3.

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