Baptism Ritual

Brother or Sister:

My sign is not with fire, nor with oil, nor with anointing,
My sign is the great Tao of Living Water,
Which one cannot attain on one's own strength. 
The name of the Yeshua,
and the name of Gnosis of Life are mentioned over me.
May my mouth be filled with the prayer of praise!
May I always follow the ways of righteousness and faith!

Priest or Priestess:
I baptize you in the name of Yeshua with the baptism of the Light,
Your baptism will guard you and elevate you to the source,
And the name of Yeshua is pronounced upon you. 
May the planets and the zodiac not have dominion over you. 
The name of Life and the name of Yeshua descend upon you. 

In the name of Yeshua,
We seek strength;
Loose upon us the forces of the Tao,
Let them come over us.
We have gone inward into the Tao,
We look inward and accept the pure sign.
We put on garments of light
And place upon our heads a radiant wreath.
The name of the Yeshua
And the name of Gnosis of Life are uttered upon us.
Brother or Sister: 
I am baptized with the baptism of the Light, son of the mighty,
And my baptism shall guard me and ascends to the source.

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The Nazarenes of  Mount Carmel
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