Infant/Child Dedication Ceremony

What is the name of this child? (Full name is spoken)

Who presents this child for baptism?
(Parents and godparents respond, "We do.")

Do you promise to raise this child to eat only plant foods and to harm no living being? 
("We do.")

Do you promise to pray for and with this child for his growth in the knowledge of the One, so this child may obtain a spiritual life?
("We do.")

Will you, by your example, teach this child to respond rather than react, to embrace discovery rather than a belief system, and to realize there is no such thing as failure, only different outcomes?
("We will.")

Will you tell him the stories of old, and as he grows in understanding, reveal the inner meanings of those stories?
("We will.")

Will you encourage him to ask lots of questions and arm yourself with the patience to supply the answers, that he may come to understand and love himself, nature, and his fellowman?
("We will.")

Will you strive to create heaven on earth, that, by your example, the child will learn to do the same?
("We will.)

Will you instill in him a love for his Abba/Amma in heaven, that he may grow in wisdom and ascend to the Source, desiring always to be a pleasant aroma in the nostrils of the Divine? 
("We will.")

Minister receives the child.
Dipping her hand in the water, she lays it on the child's head stating:"(child's full name),By the power vested in me by the Divine and the Essene Nazarean Church of Mt Carmel I baptize you in the name of the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother and Yeshua Ha Masshiach and dedicate you to be called an Essene Nazarean. (child's full name), We welcome you as a Child of Light into the Family of God.


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