In Gratitude                                           

As my eyes open
     to the first rays of life
        I breathe in You.
Joy courses through my veins
    and I am thankful.

And as I go out walking
  I feel the world...
guilt-ridden and frightened
    lost and alone.
The rain joins my tears for them,
and You are there, crying with me,
  and I am thankful.

I feel the rhythms of the seasons
         and my life
      cycles with them.
As I soar and glide
        on the winds of change
You are my wings
        And I
    am thankful.

In flame and star I see You.
    You blow through my hair,
and let me feel
        Your awesome power
as it radiates
         from the humble grass
And I am thankful.

And as I open myself to You,
You experience life through me
Making all things and all acts
   sacred, holy, and good
          And I
      am thankful.

When the darkness of negative energy
     clouds my thoughts and vision,
I feel Your arms around me,
refreshing my soul like a desert rain.
            Always there,
You share my innermost secrets,
        and love me anyway.
Gratitude is not enough.
  There are no words
to express this love I feel,
and the funny thing is
        it's OK.

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The Nazarenes of  Mount Carmel
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