Marriage Ceremony

PRIEST: According to the custom of ancient Nazarene Law, let those of the Essene Nazarene Church seeking Marriage union now come forward and kneel before God, to be Sealed up in Marriage according to the will of God and the blessings of the community of the elect.
(Candidates come forward and kneel, Priesthood places hands on their head)

PRIESTESS: In the Name of Yeshua our Lord, and under Authority of the B'nai-Amen Covenant, we seal thee O (groom) to (bride) to be as Yeshua unto her; and we seal thee o (bride) to (groom) to be as His Church unto Him.

PRIEST: And we give each of you the right to enjoy and participate in all the Rites and blessings of this Holy Sealing, that you might do so with the blessings and permission of the Priesthood of the Heavens and Earth.

PRIESTESS: This we do in our own names, and in the names of our holy progenitors of Priesthood, by right of birth which is of Priesthood, vested in us by revelation and commandment and promise of the living God, obtained by the holy Melchizedek, Moses, Joseph, and others of the holy parents, and possessed by us this day in the Essene Nazarean Assembly as a blessing, gift and trust given us by Yeshua, the Bridegroom, and His Church. Commanding in His Holy Name that all these blessings and rites might be unto thee as an heritage.

PRIEST: May God bless you, enlighten you, increase and deepen your love, for the Lord of Light, and toward all that gather together in His Holy Name.

PRIESTESS: By virtue of the power of the Essene Nazarean Priesthood, we seal this marriage state upon thee, that thru this Holy Order He might be glorified, and His Holy Order of light flourish both on earth and in heaven, in the name of Yeshua, the saving son of God.

PRIEST: We seal upon you the blessings of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Rachel; and we say unto you be fruitful and multiply souls in the Essene Nazarean Assembly, and replenish the Holy Order, that you may have joy and rejoicing in your posterity in the days of the Lord Yeshua. 

PRIESTESS: All these blessings, together with all other blessings pertaining to this marriage state of the New And Everlasting Covenant, we seal upon your heads, through your faithfulness unto the end.

PRIEST & PRIESTESS: In the name of Father/Mother, Yeshua, and Shekinah. Amen.

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